Welcome to Work Culture.biz.  You will find brief and introductory information about Work Culture on this site.  I encourage you to learn what every change agent should know, and what every leader should fear.

Running boy with labelI believe we need a new role in business organizations — the Work Culture Architect.  This is a new role proposed for change agents who specialize in the assessment of current-state work culture and then coach leaders to implement change in accordance to where they currently are and where they want to be.  This book will start your journey down that path.

I believe leaders should hold a new responsibility — the Work Culture Steward.  This is a new responsibility for leaders to implement a work culture that aligns with the work at hand; protects the organization, protects the process, and protects the people; while delivering value to the customer.

This icon is the perfect metaphor for Work Culture change.  The system is always dynamic.  It requires a leader to match the existing dynamic (speed and direction of the hoop) and then to gently nudge here and there to shift direction of the system to where it needs to be going.  It happens fast and while in motion!  Nudging too hard creates wobble and friction, and possibly cause the hoop to fall.  Nudging too weakly and the hoop will steer you where its angular momentum wants to go.

Ouroboros dragon 2The danger is that this dynamic can turn the work hoop into an Ouroboros (like a dragon eating its tail) and self destruct.  This is the challenge that must be faced!  Leaders and change agents must know the system that underlies everything at work!  If not, your Work Culture is actually in charge of you and you will change to fit what is invisibly demanded of you by that Work Culture.


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